Customer Service Representative
4 Years of Service
Kathy LaRoche

Kathy readily admits she has a gift for gab. And in her job, managing the UID Division, it works to her advantage. She is always talking with her customers, bringing them up-to-date on project details, discussing new products, even catching up on family stories. She makes it her business to ensure customers feel taken care of and that they know someone is watching out for their best interests.

Kathy is a stickler about checking and rechecking her orders, providing updates and tracking numbers, proofing artwork and invoices—all in the name of delivering a professional experience, creating a relationship built on trust and integrity, and delivering exactly what the customer asked for every time.

Outside of work, Kathy stays as active as she can. She enjoys spending time outside with her family and dog, and loves to travel, bike, hike, and horseback ride. When inside, it’s volleyball, bowling, Patriots and Bruins.