Information Services (IS) Leader
7 Years of Service
Dan Howland

Dan considers his primary role to be customer service – just for internal customers instead of external ones. As the guy responsible for the technical systems and infrastructure, including all computer hardware and software, networking and communication systems, and the growth and integration of new technologies, his days can get pretty busy. But he wouldn’t want it any other way. In fact he willingly takes on responsibilities that extend well beyond the technical. He is part of the company management team, an internal auditor for TS and AS certifications and serves on several committees that look at and refine internal processes.

Dan is conscious of the time and effort that his colleagues put into their jobs and tries to react promptly and efficiently to their needs. He sees a direct correlation between his roles and Willington’s products. Clear communication, whether through a nameplate or a personal interaction, determines success.

Working on his home, and outdoor activities like kayaking, sailing, biking and walking keep Dan in touch with his non-technical side.