Customer Service Representative
10 Years of Service
Tracy Bazzano

Tracy is a planner. As one of Willington’s Customer Service Reps Tracy moves projects through the pipeline as efficiently as possible. As a Lean Leader she is always looking for ways to fine tune the way things get done in order capture more value for the company and its customers. And as an ISO Auditor she helps ensure that processes and quality are everything they need to be to maintain certification.

But Tracy believes that all the planning in the world won’t matter without strong relationships with the people you work with. So she is in constant contact with customers sharing project updates and connecting on a personal level. She helps build company camaraderie by planning company holiday parties and special events. She helps her team by stepping up her communication skills and stepping out of her official roles when needed—especially when she gets to try her hand at drawing.

After work she is on the move caring for home and two pups, helping with her husband’s business, and ruling the court with her volleyball team of 20 years.