Customer Service Representative
26 Years of Service
Stacey Palmer

Stacey is a firm believer in the power of the team. As both a Sales Engineer and a Customer Service Lead, she sees it play out both inside the company and outside with clients and suppliers. While she recognizes the value of individual effort, Stacey will argue all day long that a healthy team dynamic is what brings exceptional results.

Whether through a written exchange or an alignment call where all voices can be heard, she prides herself on working efficiently with customers to assess exactly what they need. By looking critically at the clarity of her own communications—putting herself in the recipient’s shoes—she ensures that the information she provides her team accurately represents the client’s wishes.

Stacey will pass along a belief in hard work to her six year old daughter, but it’s knowing the power of communication and believing in the possibilities of what a great team can achieve that she wants her to carry through life.