Willington Nameplate beats its safety record for no OSHA Recordables and/or lost time due to injuries and accidents…..343 days!!! Management will be hosting a lobster and steak picnic for all employees once the weather gets better.

An unlikely pair, an architectural firm and a nameplate manufacturer come together for a cross-industry opportunity. Read the article online in Forbes

This is the first year the Goepfert family have created a scholarship at Tolland High School for entrepreneurial students pursuing a degree in business in honor of their father Marcel. As a young entrepreneur Marcel touched everything in the business and truly built the company from the ground up at the age of 26 with a wife and young family in …

Willington Nameplate’s article explains how essential nameplates are in communicating critical information for the aerospace industry as well as its knowledge with industry specifications. Read the article online in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Willington Nameplate Business Development Leader Joseph White breaks down how to make sure the materials and process used in your nameplates are optimal for their application in a piece recently published by a pair of pump and valve industry outlets. The article contains ideas and information that can be applied to any industry. Read the article online in Processing Magazine, …

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