A Job Well Done

October 31, 2013

Thank you for all the help and assistance over the past years with the delivery of your products. The end result is the pictured below. You are looking at the DDG 1000 – USS ZUMWALT, which was launched over this past weekend. The DDG 1000 represents a new class of naval surface ships that contains cutting edge technology that you all were part of. FAI (First Article Inspection) has provided state of the art fire suppression systems and smart valve technology that will help the navy reduce the number of war fighters necessary to sail the USS ZUMWALT. You can find more about the DDG 1000 by searching it on Google or any other search engine. I just thought you all would like to see what your hard work and customer service produced…again, thank you from all of us at Fairmount Automation.


B. Forlenza

Fairmount Automation delivers innovative control solutions to military, transportation and industrial automation markets. Its products are installed throughout the world, controlling a wide variety of mission-critical and safety-critical processes and machinery.

The Company is playing a leading role in the development of automated damage control systems for the U.S. Navy’s new land attack destroyer—the DDG(1000) platform. The successful deployment of these automation systems is critical to meeting the Navy’s target to reduce the crew size of a modern-day destroyer by 60%.