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There’s no place for shoddy workmanship in American manufacturing. We deliver what we promise by living quality management and continuous improvement, empowering our employees, and staying on top of the latest advances in industrial printing.



From asking the right questions to analyzing your blueprints for potential improvements, we take pride in a job well done. Here is everything that goes into a Pro-Grade Solution at Willington Nameplate.

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From the moment your job enters our facility it is on a journey of engineering refinement and quality control that results in a nameplate that best suits your application’s material makeup and environmental conditions.

  • Lean Manufacturing
    Lean Manufacturing

    Our continuous emphasis on process improvement not only makes for a better work environment, it creates value for the customer through decreased costs and delivery times.

  • “Right to Stop”
    “Right to Stop”

    Every employee has the authority to halt an order at any stage of production to ensure accuracy and overall quality.

  • In-house Fabrication
    In-house Fabrication

    From improved lead times to better quality controls, our in-house fabrication experts give us increased control over the entire production process.



  • 50

    Years Experience

    Learning what works

    Every operator

    is an inspector

Quality education sessions, random process audits and weekly non-conformance reviews help us uncover and address potential problems quickly. By continually improving our operations, we’re able to consistently deliver Pro-Grade Quality.

Quality Control Systems

Quality control is as critical to our business as it is to yours. With that in mind, we maintain certifications to meet the key standards of each industry we serve.