Are You Making a LASTING Impression?

December 26, 2007

It’s a simple question, is your company taking the necessary measures to make a permanent mark on your customers mind? The sad fact is you probably are not and in most cases. . . . the majority of the time it’s not your fault. Just as you wouldn’t expect a nameplate manufacturer to give your engineers pointers on the design of your complex machinery, we don’t expect an industry leader to know what type of nameplate or product identification tags they will need to last the life of your products. However, you should trust a custom product identification manufacturer, like the Willington Companies, with over forty years experience in the industry to make the right recommendation. The bottom line is most company’s purchasing agents tend to feel burdened with the task of purchasing product identification. In most cases they will order from catalog houses or go with the cheapest quote they can, just to get it off their desk. What you don’t realize is that after a number of years, your product nameplate or label could look like this:

We all care about our customers’ success and well being. What are we without them, right? But how can you stand behind that fundamental belief when your safety labels are completely faded and unreadable or even destroyed just by the normal use of your product? How is your customers supposed to know that they can’t stick their hand in a certain area to adjust or fix something? They could run the risk of being shocked, or potentially getting seriously injured. The point is your product has been completely fabricated and engineered to meet rigid specifications, so why is your product identification not treated with the same respect? The answer is that it should be; not only for your customers sake, but for your company’s too. This concern for lasting product identification should be a part of your companies branding strategy. We all know, “You get what you pay for.”, right? How can you expect a catalog’s nameplate or label to have the durability or life span of say a quality, photo or chemically etched plate? There are also over-laminates and varnishes not typically offered by these catalogs that will significantly increase the life span of your product identification. You may save some money up front but when its time for your customer to replace that equipment or part, is your name still on it? Did they lose critical reorder information because you wanted to save a dime?

Don’t fall victim to losing potential repeat customers because you didn’t factor in the only thing on your product that actually ties you to your customer is now an “unidentifiable-identification tag.” We’re referring to your nameplates and labels that have faded to the point of non-readability, or have been damaged or completely destroyed by the regular use of your equipment. Here at the Willington Companies, we want you to know you do have options for applications that can withstand the harshest of environments: whether its temperature, solvents or abrasion. You can continue to do things the way they have been done, or you can take action and accountability to make your company stand behind its brand name and identity. You can choose to continue to buy a less superior product that will one day end up looking like these below; or you can take measures to invest in your company’s image to create a lasting impression.