Etched Metal Nameplates

Providing Reliable Durability

Etched nameplates provide premier protection against the harshest environmental conditions. During this process, images are chemically etched into the substrate surface and may be filled with paint for added aesthetic and functional value. Whether you choose aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, these metal nameplates are guaranteed to last for a minimum of seven years in outdoor conditions – even in the most challenging environments.


MaterialsMost metallic materials including aluminum, brass and stainless steel
Material ThicknessMaterial thickness from .008″ to .125″, .002″ standard etch depth with capability up to .005″
Maximum Size24″ x 24″ maximum size for etch and fill 25″ x 33″ maximum size for FastEtch
ColoringEnamel paints, Pantone®, Federal Standard or custom colors
FasteningMechanical fastener, studs or adhesive attachment methods
Serial NumberingEmbossing or stamped serial numbers
DurabilityWithstands even the most adverse environments, Chemical and scuff resistant, 7 year minimum outdoor durability
ApplicationsValve tag, Placards, Furnace label, Boiler plate, Scales, Gauges, Instrument panel, Cable tag, Flow labels

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