Getting the Right Information

January 26, 2008

We at the Willington Companies consider ourselves to be experts in the specialty printing industry, and after over forty years of experience I believe we’ve earned the title. Of course there might be some difference in opinion out there, but you know what they say about opinions. . . Really I am here to discuss with you the importance of getting us all the right information. Although you may not have all the answers, our specialists do. Our priority is getting you, the customer, the right solution for your application. Sometimes it may seem that we are asking, “what you may deem” as irrelevant information, when in reality, it could be a crucial factor. We are not trying to be privy to your company’s industry secrets; we just want to get the right information from you.
Case-in-point: we had a customer from a rather large company that we had dealt with for years. We continually were supplying them with a paper label that they were in turn, using on boxes they shipped out of their facility. For years everything was on the up and up, quality and service were great. All of a sudden the labels were not sticking to their packages. Of course we heard about it immediately, and they were clearly upset that we didn’t deliver what we promised. So naturally we credited them and re-ran the order thinking that some of the material could have been bad. Well, shortly after this re-run, we find out that this new batch was doing the same thing. We were now convinced it was something else, and in our correspondences we quickly discovered the problem. We were told that the label was sticking fine to their white coated boxes, but these new brown corrugated cardboard boxes they were using were having the issues. There it was, they changed the material that the label was being applied to without informing us about it. Our estimator heard this and immediately told us that we need to be using matte white paper with an adhesive designed for the brown corrugated.
Now who would have suspected that something like this would be the problem, it’s easy and obvious to blame it on a material defect. But the truth of the matter is that certain materials call for certain requirements. For example; there are adhesives that we use that won’t stick to painted or powder coated metals, certain surface textures or conditions that call for specific materials to be used. Is your part going to be exposed to the weather, or extreme heat/cold? All these are crucial factors that we, the experts need to know. Unless we get all the information about where your part is going to be used, we can’t provide you with the appropriate solution to your product identification needs. Help us, help you. We understand that you are sourcing a wide variety of, what can be considered “more crucial” products, from manufacturers and suppliers. We realize the nameplate or label you’re talking about with us is not the biggest challenge on your desk right now—but we promise that it will be the biggest priority on ours. Whether you are looking to finish a product with a simple instructional label or to brand your finished goods more powerfully, the Willington Companies has the solution. We work with you to identify the right solution at the right price. Family-owned and managed for over forty years, we always deliver quality, absolute reliability, excellent value, and unfailing responsiveness to our customer’s needs. Put your trust in the Willington Companies for all your product identification and branding needs.