Implied Perfection Part 2

November 9, 2020

WNP can help by offering a price option based on the specifications dictated by the blueprint. In the case when the specifications are truly impossible to meet due to an inherent design/language flaw our Estimators will offer a price option based on the spirit of the engineers’ intent. As stated in my previous post it takes many years of experience to make sharp assumptions and to presume intent but our Estimators have over 75 years experience in this field.

However, what both sourcing and purchasing stake holders want to know is how a supplier is going to save them time, money and / or increase performance. But the WNP Cranberry Sauce is our wide range of manufacturing capabilities when it comes to printing processes, the wide variety of base metals that we carry and our fabrication options designed to meet all types of tolerance requirements. Because of these options we can give exciting alternative options to our customers on how we can make subtle changes in the printing process, base material , tolerance, etc that can manifest any number of outcomes:

• We could maintain existing incumbent pricing while enhancing part performance
• Offer similar constructions with same life expectancy while reduce pricing
• Remove unnecessary manufacturing operations in order to manufacture the part to spec in order to reduce incumbent pricing.

In all instances our team will clarify our proposals with what we are deviating from by notating it on the actual quote form. This way it won’t get lost in an email. Upon receipt of an order our team will also mark up the actual blueprint and send it to you for your Quality and Engineer Teams to catalogue. As our own Quality Control Check we will create an electric proof that reflects both the quote (aka proposal) and the marked up blueprint so they all harmonize with the same information. This way there won’t be any surprises when the parts show up on your dock.