Letter from our President about the power outage

November 9, 2011

Dear Willington Companies Customers,

In today’s ever changing business environment, it’s difficult to anticipate the potential issues that happen over the course of time. We pride ourselves on being progressive, proactive and most of all, customer focused.

As a result of last week’s pre winter storm, we were caught by surprise by the severity of the damage and the impact it had on our customers and our employees. It resulted in one of the worst operational weeks in the Willington Companies forty-six year history.

When the storm first hit on Saturday, October 29th nobody anticipated the damage and the time it would take to restore power. Living in the Northeast, we’re accustomed to power outages, delays and short-term closings. This time, we didn’t expect or realize the amount of damage or the time it would take to restore power. Even with power companies from all over the county as well as from Quebec CA., the process was slow and frustrating. As the days went by without power, our hopes turned to action. We rented a large generator on Thursday evening.

Friday, November 4th we began full operations at 4:00 am and worked until 6:00 pm. We followed that with full workdays for all employees on both Saturday and Sunday. We are working 12-hour days in order to satisfy all our customers as quickly as possible. As of today, thanks to our dedicated employees, we are close to being back on schedule. We expect to be back on track by the end of this week.

So what have we learned from this unforeseen event? We need to control things that in the past, we’ve relied on others. We are in the process of purchasing a generator so that when events like this happen again; we will be in a position to provide all our customers the quality, dependable and on time delivery that you expect.

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you or your customers over the past week and a half. We want to thank you for your understanding and support during these trying times.

Mike Goepfert
The Willington Companies