New Waste Water Treatment System

October 5, 2018

Today Willington Nameplate (WNP) dedicated its New Waste Water Treatment System to one of its employees who was critical in its success, Mark Slater, Etching Technician. The WWTS is a major upgrade to the old evaporation system and fully compliant to the latest CT DEEP standards.

Mark Slater, Etching Technician (L) along with Brett Greene, President (R)

Willington Nameplate employees applauding the dedication.

Bill Callahan, EHS professional at WNP states that the treated water could be consumed as drinking water, it becomes that pure. We trust his knowledge and expertise that the system is running efficiently. The New Waste Water Treatment System is safer for its trained etching technicians because there is less exposure to the waste. The company will no longer have to dispose of its hazardous wastes through third party vendors, almost eliminating this expense. There is still a waste removal involved with the D.O.T., but the material being hauled off is less caustic when it is treated vs. not treated.

Bill Callahan, EHS Professional (L) with Brett Greene (R)

WNP has invested greatly in upgrading it’s Waste Water Treatment System and continues to look ahead to other technological advances that keep them one step ahead of the competition.