Inside Sales Representative
9 Years of Service
Eric Mesler

If Eric wanted a mantra, “leave no stone unturned” would be a candidate.

Whether working through complex drawings, directly assisting customers with new projects or facilitating orders for military contracts, Eric keeps an eye on every detail, knowing that one miss can have a major impact on the quality of the outcome.

He is a firm believer in being as responsive as possible—for both clients and fellow employees. He makes himself available to take any questions or handle any problems as quickly and effectively as possible. When assisting with new business activities, such as quoting and customer service, or when managing a project for the US Navy, he ensures all necessary information needed to run a project correctly and expeditiously is present and accounted for.

As the parents of an 11 month old daughter, Eric and his wife are always in response mode, too. Going to the movies and watching the Yankees, Dolphins, and Penguins provide much needed down time.