During the rebranding process of Willington Nameplate, our founder Marcel Goepfert passed away on November 25th, 2015.

As the company founder, Marcel saw his primary responsibilities were to ensure that the legacy of Willington Nameplate continued and that the company remained a rewarding place to work where customer requirements were always met, no matter what.

He was not a rest-on-your-laurels type of founder. On any given day you would find him reviewing films, asking press operators about the job they were working on, or actually shearing a part in mechanical. Marcel truly felt more at home in manufacturing than in a conference room or office.

For Marcel, the best part of being a business owner was that nothing fell outside his job description. As a young entrepreneur he touched everything in the business and that “all hands on deck” attitude kept him coming in—even after passing the reigns to his children. Marcel maintained that same self-starter mentality that is always evident in the employees at Willington Nameplate up until the very end. That is why customers continue to rely on the company to deliver on the promise of clear and accurate parts.