Willington Nameplate Hires New Operations Manager

April 29, 2019

The Willington Nameplate family welcomes José Morales in the position of Operations Manager. José will be responsible for enhancing our flexible, team based work environment, optimizing the value we provide our customers while exceeding quality, delivery and world-class customer service goals. José will be reporting to Brett Greene, President.

José comes with thirteen years of experience in the aerospace industry, where he started as a Machinist Apprentice and worked his way up to Production and Apprentice Supervisor. Prior to working in the aerospace industry, he was Head Groundskeeper at Wesleyan University. In his down time at Willington Nameplate, you may see him outside weeding our flowerbeds!

José and his wife, Marisa have three children: Kimberly, 30; Kasidy, 22; and Cameron, 20. They have two grandchildren: Jaylene, 11 and Carter, 5. José and Marisa reside in East Hartford with their two dogs, Chance (a toy poodle) and Bobby (a mixed German Shepard). In his spare time, José likes to work in his yard and attend social events.

José follows the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics.

We’re confident that José’s experience and leadership is a great fit for Willington Nameplate in its journey to continue its growth and future success. José will be a valuable member of our Management team to help realize our strategic goals and vision for the company.