Willington Nameplate Hosts LEAN Leadership Certification Class

July 7, 2009

June 22nd-25th, 2009

Workshop held at a Different Lean Manufacturing Facility each day:
Day 1 at Precision Punch – Berlin CT
Day 2 at The Willington Companies – Stafford Springs CT
Day 3 at Zygo Corporation – Middlefield CT & GKN Aerospace – Cromwell CT
Day 4 at Specialty Printing – East Windsor CT

On June 23rd Willington Nameplate Inc hosted Leanovation’s second day of LEAN Leadership Certification. Fred Shamburg, our LEAN mentor, has worked with our company in the past and because of the unique culture we possess we just can’t seem to get rid of him. He has had a great influence not only on the way our employees think but also on the way they work. This LEAN mindset has not only resonated on the production floor but it also has taken root in upper management’s company personification as well.

Developing Internal Lean Leaders

Lean Experts are internal technical resources within a company, who help identify lean opportunities, and train and develop others. The Lean Expert is capable of guiding and coaching the implementations of various Lean projects, through cross functional teams and Kaizen events. Participants who previously graduated from Leanovations Lean Leadership Certification was recognized by the State of Connecticut CCAT, after conducting Kaizen Events along with mentoring and coaching from Leanovations.

Willington’s Internal LEAN Leaders Jessica M. and Mark R. accompanied by a select group of co-workers put on a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation and organized all of Willington’s responsibilities of hosting this plant tour. It consisted of walkthroughs of 9 major areas of our facility including: PrePress, Metal Photo, Screen Making, Printing, Surface, Mechanical, Inspection, Roll Form and Shipping.

Lean Leadership Certification (LLC)

This Leanovations Certification program is for professionals leading Lean initiatives for their organizations, who want to equip themselves with the skills necessary to be an effective change agent and Lean implementer. The 4-Day program consists of hands-on, simulation based exercises that present Lean concepts, principles, tools and techniques. All four days of the class will be at clients of Leanovations and companies recognized as Lean Leaders in Connecticut. The participants will tour and hear from many members of these organizations on what it really takes to develop a Lean Learning Culture, assisting the business to create profitable growth.
The program is highly interactive where the participants must practice what they learn in the training, this is not just classroom lectures and theory. Fred Shamburg, President of Leanovations is a “National Shingo Prize Examiner” has taught and led Lean transformations globally.