UID Labels

UID Labels

Willington Nameplate’s UID plates and pressure sensitive labels provide asset and inventory control for industrial and military supply chain management. UID can be a linear barcode or a 2D Matrix code (in accordance with Mil-STD-130M) and can be applied using many of our capabilities, including Metalphoto® which is used when durability is a primary concern.

If you are a DoD contractor and are required to use UID*, Willington Namplate’s experienced UID customer service representatives will help you navigate the requirements and options and work with you to engineer the combination of substrate, marking, finish, and fastening that will best suit your product’s material makeup and the environmental conditions it will endure.

*As of January 1, 2004 the DoD (Department of Defense) required Unique Identification (UID) for all new solicitations, contracts or delivery orders for tangible items delivered to the government in accordance with DFARS Clause 252.211-7003 if,

• The unit acquisition cost is over $5000
• Serially managed
• Mission Essential
• Controlled inventory
• A consumable item or material where permanent identification is necessary


EnvironmentMild to Harsh
MaterialPolyester, Vinyl, Paper, Photo Anodized Aluminum, Aluminum
FabricationCNC, Custom Tooling, Shearing
ColorPantone Matching System, Federal Standard, ANSI

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